Prescient Wireless has extensive wireless communications experience designing Transmit and Receive Systems, all the way from the Antenna to the baseband processing elements. Members of the PWI Engineering Team have been developing radio systems for more than 30 years and were directly involved in the design and development of commercial cellular communications equipment from AMPS all the way up to and including current 5G systems. The team also has strong experience developing Transmit and Receive Systems for many other applications, including:

  • Multistatic S-Band Radar
  • Public Safety P25 Phase-1 & Phase-2
  • Compact Multi-function Transponders
  • Wideband Surveillance Receivers

Prescient Wireless has experience with a large set of communications standards for both the wired and wireless communication spaces and has hands on experience developing to the standards and testing the resulting products for compliance to the standards. If you need to get your product connected to the Internet of Things we can help add the wireless capability with a top quality radio design ensuring a strong and reliable wireless connection.