The PW-1217 is a high performance 550W CW Solid State Power Amplifier pallet that operates in the 2400 to 2500 MHz ISM Band. The pallet design is based on NXP Semiconductors’ industry leading MRF24G300HS 50 V GaN on SiC device technology and features a final stage efficiency of over 70%. The PW-1217 is intended to provide a state of the art, highly reliable building block in support of multi-kW ISM Band applications.

Key Features

  • High gain > 45 dB gain
  • Excellent efficiency > 60% overall pallet efficiency at P1dB
  • Excellent input and output return loss
  • Integrated forward and reflected power sampling
  • Integrated output isolator
  • Compact size ~ 7.25” x 4.0”
  • High performance thermal design
  • Mounting compatible with industry standard cold plates
  • Fully shielded and connectorized

Please contact Prescient Wireless for further information on the PW-1217 and to discuss how this state of the art technology can apply to your specific program needs. The PW-1217 Solid State Power Amplifier pallet was designed in cooperation with NXP Semiconductors and Prescient Wireless is a member of the NXP Partner Program.