Prescient Wireless Engineering Services

Prescient Wireless has a well established track record of developing complex RF products and successfully releasing them into commercial volume production environments. Our strong knowledge in wireless system design is based with a team that has over 350 years of combined industry experience. Our extensive commercial experience in base station/RF subsystem architecture, design and manufacturing can provide a key asset in helping you design your product for manufacturability and process control. Prescient Wireless has a proven capability to deliver high quality prototype and commercial product in short cycle times and in budget.

Prescient Wireless can meet your needs for a specific design engineering service that is part of a larger project. If you want to complement your in house design engineering staff with some of our contract engineering resources, we can provide expertise in a variety of technical areas and engineering disciplines for your electronic product design. We have worked effectively with a large number of clients in joint development projects, where a client chooses to outsource some portion of their electronic product design.

We provide a full range of services to our customers including system design and architecture, electrical, mechanical, printed circuit board (PCB) design, software and firmware design as well as certification and regulatory compliance testing.