Prescient Wireless System Design and Architecture

Prescient Wireless has a long and extensive background in the system design and architecture development of very complex systems. Prescient Wireless engineers have performed the system design for many different types of systems such as transmitters and receivers, cellular base station equipment, radar systems, complex industrial systems and airborne avionics.

Our engineers start with client inputs on the system requirements that can range from a detailed list of requirements to just a basic product idea. We will expand upon the client inputs as required to account for regulatory requirements and system requirements based on our years of experience. Complicated systems will be broken down into smaller subsystems, each with their own set of requirements, specified to ensure that the complete system will meet all requirements.

Prescient Wireless engineers have been developing complex systems for more than 25 years. The following are some examples of the systems engineering performed by our engineers:

  • Identify lowest cost solution to partition complex systems into discrete analog and digital circuitry, microprocessors and FPGAs
  • Develop radio link budget identifying required receiver sensitivity and transmit power to achieve desired operating range
  • Specify software requirements such that a complete system will meet requirements in conjunction with the hardware design
  • Determine major components of radio transceivers necessary to maximize performance at the lowest cost
  • Identify operating radio frequency based on desired range and selecting licensed verses unlicensed spectrum based on client requirements
  • Partition the mechanical design of complex systems into appropriate field replaceable units to minimize cost and support serviceability of the product by the end customer
  • Apply knowledge to ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards