Field Programmable Gate Arrays and Embedded Microprocessors

Prescient Wireless can meet all your FPGA and Embedded processor needs from FPGA/CPLD development to Software development for embedded Microprocessors. We have experience designing with all the major FPGA vendors’ devices, tools and IP as well as experience with developing software for a variety of microprocessors for embedded applications. We can develop turnkey FPGA solutions, IP cores, FPGA subsystems, as well as test benches and test suites to extensively test these solutions. Prescient Wireless can architect complete digital solutions from you from boards, chips to software.

We have experience developing with the following FPGA vendors and tools:

  • Lattice Semiconductor, Diamond and ispLever Tools.
  • Altera, Quartus Development tools.
  • Xilinx, Vivado and ISE Tools.

We have experience developing software for numerous 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit microprocessors using a variety of software development environments. Some of the microcontrollers we have developed for are:

  • Embedded FPGA microprocessors (Mico, Nios, Microblaze etc.)
  • Microchip microcontrollers
  • Atmel microcontrollers
  • ARM based processors such as Digi Connect, NXP LPC and TI Tiva C Series